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Helping someone in pain

Living with pain can be a frustrating, debilitating, and isolating experience. If you notice a family member or friend living with pain, there are ways you can help.

The first step is to understand what they are going through, ask what they need from you, and offer your physical and emotional support.

You can HELP someone you know who is living with pain.

Doctor Patient

Help them to describe their pain symptoms, including how the pain feels and where on their body they experience it.

Encourage them to explain their pain symptoms and severity to their doctor and to join patient support groups.

Learn about their pain management plan and help ensure that they stick to medication schedules and dosages. Talk to them about what their physical, emotional and social needs or limitations are, and find out how you can help to improve those areas, so they can maintain a good quality of life.

Provide assistance if they need to use walking aids or splints, and arrange to make their living or working environment both safer and more comfortable.

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